Screenshot of Protect Platform (https://www.protect-platform.com) - Innovative risk distribution and management platform


Event protect has created an innovative risk distribution and management platform. We use our ‘Protect’ platform to underwrite event cancellation insurance on a transactional basis. The platform has been developed to automate the process of underwriting individual transactions by pre-set rates that are pro-actively managed by carefully selected underwriters. Our members connect to the platform via API which sends us all ticket sales data in real-time. This allows us to insure the full value of the transactions (including processing fees or any extras if booked as part of a package).


On-line account management provides a functional way for our members to sign into the Protect Platform. A suite of reporting tools gives our members a transparent insight into the insurance process; per region, per country and even per event and details the risks they are covered against. All the relevant information about their submitted and insured transactions are presented in a series of graphs, tables and graphics.


Integration for members of the Event Protect Platform via API is simple and is based on a standard Restful web service and JSON data format. Authentication of API calls is based on hash-based message authentication and HMAC-SHA1 digest. Our API has been designed to work in near-real time, therefore requiring asynchronous integration to the Platform.

Rest API allows automated underwriting of all transactions.
Alternative manual file upload process available.
Online Dashboards show all of the transactions received from the member and the amount of risk protected.
Open Member Online Database which customers can search through using our website to check Event Protect membership.
Electronic Claims Submission allows Ticket holders to submit claims electronically to enable us to pay claims directly.


1. Which transactional information do I have to send to the platform?

Here is a list of attributes that each transaction has to have:

  • Vendor code

  • Vendor transaction reference Id

  • Buyer name

  • Price

  • Currency code

  • Tickets purchased

  • Transaction date

  • Event name

  • Event date

  • Event country

  • Event country subdivision code

  • City

  • Zip code

  • Address

  • Event type

Bold are mandatory attributes.

2. Does it have to be in real time?

Not necessarily. You can send your transactions to the platform any time you choose - immediately after each transaction, or as a bulk, at the end of a day.

3. Do you have a testing site for developers?

Yes. The platform offers a testing environment where you can test your integration code, before you move it to production environment.

4. Do you have code examples of integration API?

Yes. You can download sample here.

5. In case when there is a new event, do we have to "create" new event through Account management or API?

No. The system will recognize new event through transaction data coming via API. The only thing you need to do is to correctly specify and send via API: event's name, date and type.

6. How do I connect my system to Event Protect Platform?

Agent Partners can connect their e-commerce platforms or websites to the Event Protect Platform via Integration API. To use Platform integration services, you need to sign (apply for account by clicking here) in to receive your vendor-id and authentication key. If testing of the API calls is required, demo keys can be found in the API specification.



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