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About Event Protect

Event Protect Scheme

Event Protect is an insurance scheme which provides event cancellation insurance to your Booking Agent. Your Booking Agent’s membership of the Event Protect Scheme ensures that you can apply for a refund directly from Event Protect for a reason that is covered by the scheme’s Lloyd’s of London Insurance Contract.

You can click here to review the Lloyds of London Insurance contract for the Event Protect scheme to which your booking agent has subscribed to.

If you’d like to confirm that your Booking Agent is a member of Event Protect click here and search their name.

Event Cancellation

In the case of a cancellation from the Event Organiser for a reason which is covered by the Lloyds of London Insurance Contract for the Event Protect Scheme, your Booking Agent will send you an email with an online Refund Application Form.

You simply need to complete the Refund Application Form within 30 days of receipt and we will endeavor to work with the Lloyds of London Insurance Providers to refund you directly within 30 days from receipt of your Application.

Whilst we process your refund application, we are also working with the Insurance Providers to provide sufficient evidence and satisfy their requirements. If there are any delays expected in the refund process, then Event Protect will write to you to explain this.

The refund will be for the full value of your transaction through your Booking Agent which includes any extras you have booked with that Agent including Travel, Accommodation and Processing Fees.

Booking with Confidence

Event Protect aims to provide customers with the ability to book events with confidence, knowing that their bookings are underwritten by A-rated Insurance Providers from Lloyds of London.

Members of the Event Protect Scheme will always display our recognisable trademark on their website. If you would like to know which Booking Agents are members of Event Protect, you can check this by visiting our Members section click here.

If you have any questions about Event Protect please email hello@eventprotect.co