Event Protect is the industry standard in event cancellation protection for Primary Ticket Companies, Secondary Ticket Companies, Event & Travel Package Providers, Venues and Sports Teams.

We believe that as a consumer, your ticket seller should provide you with a full refund of your ticket if an event is cancelled. This should include any booking fees and extras if purchased as part of a package. Event Protect is designed to help Ticket Companies provide you with the best customer service possible if one of their events is cancelled and help distribute refunds no matter the financial state of the event organiser or the Ticket Company. If you see the trademarked Event Protect logo displayed on a Ticket Company’s website, you can be confident that the Ticket Company as a Member of Event Protect can provide fast and transparent refunds directly to their customers.


If an event is cancelled, postponed or abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances that are covered by the Event Protect Programme, you may be entitled to a full refund of your ticket directly to your chosen bank account.

Many Ticket Companies outside of the Event Protect Programme may offer refunds months after their event has cancelled if they are offering refunds at all. This often excludes extras purchased with the ticket, for instance: accommodation, travel, booking fees.

The advantage that Event Protect Members have in most cases is the ability to make a complete refund of your transaction including any extras if booked as part of a package, if the event is cancelled, abandoned or in the case of postponement if you're unable to attend the rescheduled event.

Look out for the Event Protect trademark on the Ticket Company’s website to see if you can shop safe in the knowledge that the Ticket Company is a Member of Event Protect, and will be able to meet their refund obligations to you as their customer.


It's really simple to claim your refund. If an event for which you have bought a ticket is cancelled / postponed / abandoned, as a Member of Event Protect, the Ticket Company will send you an email with a direct link to a claim notification form. Once you complete the short form and your transaction has been verified, your refund will immediately start to be processed. A direct refund will be made straight to your bank account or in appropriate circumstances, the Credit or Debit Card used to make the purchase.


Members of Event Protect are covered for a broad range of events, cancellation, postponement or event abandonment scenarios. Here are some examples that may force a cancellation that Ticket Agent Members are protected against

icon success 1 Adverse Weather Conditions (heavy rain, wind, hurricane, snow, flooding etc.)
icon success 1 Key event supplier failure
icon success 1 Power failure
icon success 1 Transport failure causing an event cancellation
icon success 1 Mechanical breakdown of equipment
icon success 1 Any scenario deemed a health and safety risk
icon success 1 Strike action by employees causing an event cancellation
icon success 1 Cyber-attack on an event venue causing abandonment
icon success 1 National Disasters causing a state of emergency
icon success 1 Unknown works being carried out by builders or contractors at the venue which renders it or its facilities unusable
icon success 1 Cancellation or revocation of licence or closure of event for health & safety by local authority
icon success 1 Malicious damage e.g. burglary
icon success 1 And more...


Please note, the Event Protect Programme does not insure our Members' customers directly. Event Protect is a Programme providing essential protection for Ticket Companies, Venues and Sports Teams. If you require further information about a specific Programme or more information on Event Protect, please contact:
[email protected]